Psyllium Industrial Kha-Kha Powder

Psyllium Seeds – An agri-farm product derived from dried and ripe seeds of plantago ovate forks. Akash Agro processes, produces and distributes processed psyllium seeds to geographically located clients in domestic and international market.

Psyllium Husk Powder product details :

Common Names of Psyllium : Spogel, lspaghua, Flea, Isaphgol, Plantago Psyllium, Plantago sp., Plantaginis Ovatae Semen (Semen Plantaginis Ovatae), Isabgula, Semen Ispaghulae.

Botanical Names of Psyllium : Botanical names of Psyllium are Plantago Ispaghula and Plantago Ovata.

Description : A byproduct of psyllium husk, Psyllium Kha-Kha Powder is derived upon processing of psyllium seeds to compose and produce psyllium husk. The Psyllium kha-kha powder is derived mainly after psyllium husk is produced and the separate material is left. It is also known as Psyllium Industrial Dust.

Specifications :

Product Purity
Purity Ranges from 60% to 80%
Swell volume Ranges from 16 ml/gm to 35 ml/gm

Psyllium Husk Powder product details :
  • The psyllium kha powder is mostly used in resources that are used to prevent landscaping and soil erosion.
  • The psylium kha powder has widespread application in pharmaceutical industry as a thickening agent during capsule formulation.
  • It is also widely used as animal feed for many animals.